Hypnotherapy session to assist in helping you to lose weight, at a safe sensible rate of approximately 2lbs per week for 4 weeks at a time. If you require to loose more than 8lbs then simply use the Hypnotherapy track again to restart the diet for a further 2lbs per week for another 4 weeks.
A safeguard has been placed within the Hypnotherapy session so as to deactivate the post hypnotic control once the goal of 8lbs is reached, giving you full control to stop and start the diet as required.

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Would you like to loose weight? Eating the wrong foods? Comfort eating? Eating all the wrong foods?
With this Hypnotherapy session to assist in dieting. your confidence, control and will power will increase and help you stay on track to loose those extra pounds.

Hypnotherapy sessions are downloaded in mp3 format, Suitable for playing on your PC, Laptop, Tablet or Phone in the comfort of your own home.
For best results listen to mp3 using headphone or earphones in quiet uninterupted surroundings.
Each Hypnotherapy session takes approximately 25 minutes.