Nail Biting



  • Do you bite your fingernails or the skin around them?
  • Do your fingers and fingernails look embarrassing?
  • Would you like to let your fingernails grow properly?
  • You can stop the habit of nail biting

This Hypnotherapy session will assist in helping you to Stop Biting your fingernails.

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Do you bite your fingernails? Are your fingernails embarrassing? Would you like to have your fingers and fingernails looking nice again?
It’s time for you to stop the habit and retake control letting your fingernails grow with “Hypnotherapy to stop Nail Biting”.

Hypnotherapy sessions are downloaded in mp3 format, Suitable for playing on your PC, Laptop, Tablet or Phone in the comfort of your own home.
For best results listen to mp3 using headphone or earphones in quiet uninterupted surroundings.
Each Hypnotherapy session takes approximately 25 minutes.